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Grooming Lougne, the nation’s premier resource for men’s grooming, hired Fifth & Main PR to grow brand recognition nationwide, as they set out to launch a franchise program.   


Social Media

Event Management


To accomplish this, we created a story from the brand’s unique vantage point that would be of interest in markets nationwide.

We conducted a study to determine which US cities were home to the country’s most handsome men (based on their spend on personal care products, services and apparel and how fit they were).

Our pitch identified as the nation’s foremost expert on ‘handsomness’ and highlighted markets that may be of interest for potential franchise owners.

The effort resulted in over 200 TV segments, over 100 online and print articles and countless radio mentions.  Outlets that discussed our study included the Today Show, Good Morning America ,, Yahoo Travel, New York Post and The Washington Post.

Not only did the pitch increase brand awareness nationwide, it resulted in increased product sales and solidified a top Google result for - a "Most Handsome Cities" search in Google, turns up our study as the top answer.


TV segments


Online and print articles
and radio mentions


Outlets that discussed
our study

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